Engraving & Logos

We know and understand deeply what it means to make your gift as special as possible and as memorable in equal measure. The person receiving it should be made to feel special and nothing says special more than a customized engraved set of calipers.

Sometimes you may find it hard to express yourself to a loved one or partner, with our service our experts can choose the perfect line or verse, making it a cherished gift for years to come.

What is engraving

This is simply a diamond cutter and a diamond cutting process, applied to any material that is amenable; such as wood, plastic, metal or glass. We can etch any design, saying, verse or text with this method of engraving to your Mackin Manufacturing ECG Calipers.

The Diamond cutter used to engrave the calipers has two main parts, the cutting pert and the spindle. Both work together to engrave the design into the material. These days all amnner of designs and custom fonts, logo’s and graphics can be actualized thanks to computer programs now working with the diamond cutter via design software.

Cost for Engraving

A custom message can be added for just $1.00 a character on metal items. Spaces and all punctuation counted as a character. For online orders there is a minimum charge of $4.00.)

 Of course you can choose the font or let our team of experts do it for you. IF you have a special font that you wish to use or a personalized font please get it touch, I am sure we can accommodate.
These are only some of the fonts we offer.

We can cater for and offer dozens of designs and fonts

Let our in-house team design the engraving for you. You can engrave and have it delivered on the same day and all colors listed here are available

Company logo’s

For a small fee we can design company logo’s and design’s into calipers’. We have a portfolio of satisfied customers that have used this service, roughly $40 per order, but as you’ll see below the effects can sometimes be stunning. For those wishing to order again with the same logo or artwork there is no charge as we then have your design on file, should you wish to chnage the design there will be an added charge. For all questions please direct them to Deirdre at the front desk.

If you have any questions about our engraving services please send us an email: customerservice@mackinmfg.com