Just oh so much geekery, wordpress, askimet and flock

I really have geeked it up this weekend. First, I was bored so I updated the site to WordPress 2.0. This was not without complications, the whole thing broke a couple of times and I had a few anxious hours where nothing worked and I was frantically trying to get it all back again, with ftp worries, and exceeding my disk quota, and so on. But with the help of Richard and his command line we got everything sorted eventually, I was so relieved, I’m proud of this site.

Getting into it

Then I tried the theme switcher, because I wanted to play around with k2, which looks extremely cool, but that broke so that I couldn’t get it off the default theme, and k2 wouldn’t show up in my admin pages, and I had to uninstall all that before I got it back to normal.
(Lesson to be learned: leave things well alone. But I never will…)

I hate comment spam

Free with WordPress 2.0 came Akismet, a new way of blocking comment spam, which looks excellent, and useful, since I’ve been getting a fair bit of that recently. It’s quite involved to get it set up, you have to sign up for a wordpress.com account so that you can acquire an API key. I tried all this, and my API key is apparently invalid, I saw some posts on the support forum, but there don’t seem to be any solutions, the problem seems to be relatively minor and only to be expected on my non-standard hosting, I suppose. All the same I would like to get it working…

Then I had to take a look at wordpress.com. I registered http://joannie.wordpress.com, mainly so that none of the other joannies could (!) and started playing. It’s basically a freer and easier version of WordPress, by which I mean you don’t have to have your own hosting and install WordPress on the remote server, it’s all done for you. The themes that come with it are very very lovely, and, I have to say, much nicer than Blogger’s. I can’t find a way of doing much customizing yet, uploading images, changing .css files, plugins, maybe it can’t be done.

But there were, and still are, some people who liked the look of my website and wanted one like it, and I think it could be the right thing for them.

No hassle, looks beautiful and much better than Blogger 🙂 (I should point out I have nothing against blogger, it served me well for many months before I needed something better).

Trying out flock

Finally, after reading a lot of hype, both good and bad, I decided to try out flock. As far as I can tell, it’s like firefox with some cool bits added. People have always been trying to get me to use firefox, and on a mac I’m afraid Safari is just much prettier. But flock is very much better than I first expected, I’m blogging this from within it (one of the features) and i like it. Can’t beat ecto, I’m afraid, though, especially as I just paid for it (and paying for shareware isn’t something I do very regularly. Sorry)

My one criticism is that you sort of have to blog/use flickr (which I don’t)/use delicious (which I sort of do, but not as seriously as this software intends) and I know a lot of people use these things, but it seems a bit narrow. Also, it’s quite funny, it seems to be built for endlessly searching the web and blogging it all, which I just don’t have time for (contrary to what this post might infer).
But overall I do like it. I’m quite harsh to software usually, if it doesn’t live up to design standards or there are some clunky interfaces I put it in the trash straight away. But flock is staying on my hard drive, because I think I might like to use it more often…

That’s my geeky weekend. I also found time to go to a (geeky) New Year’s Eve Party. Today we sat in Starbucks for an afternoon, listening to jazz music and philosophizing over coffee – so unlike us it was funny. Then we went and bought DVDs 🙂 We just had cheese fondue and it was yummy.

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