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“Now You Can Discover Exactly What Those Business Opportunity Sales Letters Are Offering… Before You Buy”

No more mystery… no more “blind” purchases… find out exactly what you are paying for, before you send off the cheque

Dear Fellow Biz Opp “Nut”,

Finally, the long search is over…

You’ve just found the FREE business opportunity resource you have been waiting for…

And It Won’t Cost You a Penny, Ever!

Armed with the research and advice from this new service, there is no need to send off cash for a business opportunity without knowing what is on offer.

In a few minutes you will have all you need to help decide whether to buy a particular product… or whether to save your money.


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Question: What do these all have in common?

Answer: They’ve all been featured in the BizOppsUK newsletter…

Are you tired of being disappointed?

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of the false promises… the disappointments… the plain frustration you feel when you receive the “next big thing” in work from home schemes…

We all know that sales letters are written to part us from our cash but when we do buy, we expect value for money and the promises made in the offer to be fulfilled.

However, too often when we are expecting a well-written manual with a workable system, we receive a small, photo-copied booklet detailing an unworkable system, full of fluff and filler…

The reality is far from the fabulous new
business blueprint that was promised…

You know the kind of situation…

It starts with a letter through the post or an email inviting you to go look at a new website.

The sales letter is great, very exciting and persuasive – the copywriter has done his job, you are itching to get your credit card out and order.

But, you’ve been “had” before… you’ve been burnt by poor products…

You’ve wasted money on unworkable
business plans and wasted your time

However, this offer seems to be different so you mull it over for a day or two, perhaps searching for more answers on the internet.

But… it’s all to no avail. There’s no new information about this particular offer to be found, just further sales pitches.

After contemplating the offer, you cave in and decide to take a chance.

There’s a money back guarantee so you should be protected if it turns out to be a load of “hot air”.

You fill in the credit card form or post off a cheque and eagerly await this new course. What will it be?

The problem is that a lot of these offers don’t make it clear what the business involves until you receive the information… after you’ve paid the money.

You’re probably on lots of mailing lists…
receiving offer after offer

I’m on a whole load of direct mailing and email lists so I am totally aware of the type of sales letters which are going around. All of them promise to provide quality information at a knock-down price.

The problem is that when you actually buy the info, a lot of the time it just doesn’t match the hypey sales letter

In a lot of cases you can get a refund but, at the end of the day, it’s a complete waste of your time.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would just turn round and tell you exactly what a particular business opportunity involved?

You’d save a whole load of time, not to mention the worry about whether you’ll be able to get your money back or not.

I’m sure you want to know the same as I do…


When I receive an interesting looking Business Opportunity, I want the same questions answering. These include:

    • What kind of business is it?

Is it gambling… mail order… internet marketing… financial trading or spread betting… sports arbitrage… eBay… niche marketing… affiliate programs… AdSense?

    • How much will I need to start the business?

If I’ve got a budget of £500 then a system requiring £10,000 just isn’t for me. Rather than find out later, can’t someone point this out beforehand?

    • Who has already made this system work?

Ever hear the one about the lady who was selling a course on making passive income-producing websites? Behind the scenes she didn’t even have a website, but she had proclaimed herself an expert and would teach her “secrets” to anyone with the cash to spend…

No wonder everyone is very suspicious of internet marketers! So, we need to know; where can we find someone who has successfully made this system work? It’s OK selling this info but is anyone making money from it?

    • How long is it going to be before I see results?

Let’s face it, any business needs some time and effort to be spent before you start seeing results. That’s the pay-off. You put effort in, spend some time refining your work and then sit back and profit. But, timescales are important and often sales letters are a little “optimistic” about how easy a system may be. Time is precious, we need an honest answer about how long it will be before we see dividends from our work.

    • Do I need any special skills or knowledge?

If you’re not a master copywriter, a product which explains how to make use of your copywriting skills will be useless. Wouldn’t it be better to know this before you card is debited?

    • Is the product ethical and legal?

The last thing you need when spending your hard earned money is to find out that your new business plan involves dodgy pyramid schemes.


Announcing the all-new Business Opportunity
advice and review newsletter

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You’ll be able to receive complete reports outlining the opportunity from top to bottom… answering all of your questions

Then, and only then, can you feel safe to order or glad to pass!

Sign up now by entering your name and email address and we will add you to our member list.

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