Wet Pour Rubber Technology

Adventure and play areas for toddlers, infants and children can now be surfaced with bound rubber in black, or in a variety of colorful finishes using epdm rubber granules.

Wet pour rubber overcomes problems associated with one tile or gaps between many tiles and mats by offering a fully sealed surface that is rugged, sealed and inhibits any weed growth.

You can pour your new surface with your hardware and equipment in place. Our commercial supplies are from USA based Companies (rubberised not rubberized) to give you the peace of mind of a full three year warranty.

Buy direct from Absolutely Safe Surfaces and be assured that your elementary school children are protected to the highest standard from injury.

European law

With the European Standard EN 1177 being adopted as the UK and British Standard attention is focused on all public non slip safety surfacing in recreational and outdoor children’s play areas.
The right surface for toddler, infant and elementary school or adventure playground flooring needs to be chosen with care.

European Standard EN 1177 brings peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that the rubberised safety surfacing you have chosen not only meets the tightest specifications and codes but has no sharp edges or other hidden dangers that could lead to injury or broken bones.

Relax knowing that you have provided the best recreational playground flooring that requires minimum maintenance and come with a three year warranty.

In addition to the immediate requirements of safety the responsibility of maintenance and cleanliness must be considered.

Many surfaces on offer require daily raking to maintain a safe surface – as well as careful attention to collect broken glass, syringes and other dangerous supplies.

Tiles and rubber mats are better but still require maintenance and attention to weeds growing in between the tiles and mats.
Wet pour rubber provides a rubberised cushioned non slip safety surface for children that is hygienic and requires little or no maintenance.

Made from recycled rubber granules for black surfaces or using epdm for colour the bound rubber surface flows round existing equipment and hardware to simplify installation.

Mackin Manufacturing is one of the few commercial companies that specialise in wet pour rubber safety surfaces for recreational playgrounds.

Rely on our experience and leave it all to us. Buy direct. Let us supply and install your rubberised safety surfaces and have the security of dealing with suppliers that will deliver a playground safety surface that meets all the codes and specifications to give you peace of mind.

Be reassured with the knowledge that our surfaces carry a three year warranty with all the long term benefits associated with a maintenance free surface to protect the children.

Seamless and Sealed

The Absolutely Safe Surfaces technology is based on wet pour rubber. Recycled truck tyres (or epdm granules for coloured safety surfaces) are mixed with a cold set epoxy and poured into place. Existing permanent features such as benches or stairs can be left in place. The materials are mixed on site and cold poured into place. In this way a seamless and sealed surface is created that is ready to use in 24 hours.

Rubberised And Slip Resistant

The cured surface has excellent slip resistant qualities in both wet and dry situations and as there are no seams the risk of a trip is essentially eliminated.

European Standard EN 1177

The European Standard EN 1177 specifically relates to safety surfaces in playgrounds. However all the requirements apply equally to the safety surface requirements in care homes. The primary advantage of our surfaces is in eliminating the risk of tripping or falling in the first place.
However it is important to also be aware that should a member of staff or an elderly person be unfortunate enough to fall on our surface the resilient nature of the safety surface will minimise the risk of any serious injury.

Weatherproof Slip Free Surface

Our safety surfaces are equally suitable for use both indoors or outside. In either situation the benefits are fully available to protect staff and residents against trips, falls and injuries.

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Take a look through our portfolio to see the range of applications that our safety surfaces are used in.
We have extensive experience in supplying safety surfaces in a wide range of diverse applications.
Why not contact us to discuss your care home safety surfaces problem and explore what we may be able to do to reduce the risk of injury in your care home.



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