What to buy your Dad for Father’s Day

This year for Fathers Day, the kids and I will be out of town for the weekend for my best friends wedding. Unfortunately he was not able to go with us on this major event due to having to stay home and work, leaving him home by himself fr Fathers Day.

I feel super terrible for us not being able to be there for him on his special day, we plan on celebrating it when we get back from vacation.

The only thing I struggle is finding the perfect gift for him. The kids wont be in school the last couple of days leading to Fathers Day so they wont get the chance to give him a present made by them at school. I gave them the option to make something for him before we leave, or just to find him something special while we are out of town. Of course they chose the most hardest option, to find him something special while we are away.

What do you get something that has everything he ever wishes for in life?

I have to be honest, when we want something we usually just buy it. It is our way of taking pride in working our way to get what we want. This leaves gift giving a challenging task for us. Usually I like to find special ideas on Pinterest, or research the internet for some great ideas. In the last few years I have came across some nifty tools to help the ladies who just cant quite figure out what to get their husbands. Even better yet, what do you get your own father, step-father or even your father-in-law?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Figure out his hobbies, whether its drinking beer {like my husband}, playing golf, fishing, watching sports, camping ect. Make sure you know what his hobbies are. You cannot gift DAD a set of new golf clubs if he has no interest in golf. Lets be honest, he wont use what he is not interested in.
  2. Get help! Someone who has known DAD will know what sort of ideas would work best for a gift.

    My Dad is in the clothing manufacturing business he works on the machines as a garment technician, so an ideal gift for him I thought was a custom hat based off of his favorite hat of all time. For giving you some inspiration it could be something he wanted while he was a child you had no idea he wanted. Or an interest that you had no idea about. Sure you have spent a lot of time with him, but there could just be that one thing he doesn’t even think of telling you.

  3. Take a friend shopping with you. Here is a scenario; You go shopping for your gift for DAD, you have done your research and have good ideas on what you are going to give him. You see 2 awesome aprons your DAD would like for BBQ’ing. Your friend can help make your last and final decisions of your purchase. Not only do you have help, you secure yourself in a day of shopping fun and maybe even lunch!
  4. Wrap your gift, or just hide it. Either way, DAD is going to enjoy his gift. You have put a lot of thought into this gift so how hard is it to add that extra step and wrap the gift in pretty paper DAD can rip open? Watching him rip open the gift gives me joy in knowing Ive done my job perfectly.
  5. Wake up Sunday morning and surprise DAD with his gift and watch him enjoy it.

What if you need help in what perfect gifts DAD would enjoy?

  • Does he like Fishing? {of course he does!!} What man doesn’t?? The best gift you can give a fisherman is a new rod. Make sure you know what type of fish he would be catching, each rod has different weight restriction. Another great idea is to give him a new tackle box with many new lures, floaties, spinners and hooks.
  • What about hunting? There are many things you can get a DAD who loves hunting. If he already has a rifle there are many different attachments you can add to it to better his game. Maybe even some new camouflage attire so he can hide from animals? Is DAD just starting out? Get him a gift certificate so he can purchase his own goodies from a store.
  • Does he have a favorite sport? Whether DAD likes to play or watch sports you can give him memorabilia from his favorite sports team. A jersey or a hat would be the perfect gift for a DAD who loves watching their favorite sport on the TV. You could probably buy anything from tissue paper, pens to visors for his vehicle. If he loves to play sports its just as easy as buying him a new football, hockey stick. The ultimate gift you can get a sports fan is game tickets!
  • Does he like to grill? We all know how great food is on the BBQ! DADs main job is always to grill food on the BBQ. Maybe thats just in my house, but I am afraid to touch anything on the BBQ. As mentioned earlier you could grab DAD a brand new grilling apron. No, aprons are not for just women, a real grill master needs an apron with a manly image on the front. Why not complete the gift with a set of new tongs and BBQ scraper and a 6 pack of beer? What if he doesnt have a BBQ or needs a new one, ask people to pitch in and get him a brand new one!
  • Is your dad like my husband? Does he drink a lot of beer? There are many options you can do for the beer drinker. One thing I know my husband would love is a beer making starter kit. What guy wouldn’t love drinking his very own beer he made himself? Have you ever heard of a beer cake? Us women are used to a diaper cake being made for your child at a baby shower. Its the same idea, but with beer. Every layer of beer you can stick in Dads favorite treats like peanuts, jerky, chips, the possibilities are endless!
  • What if your DAD likes to build? You can get him a new tool box, fill it with tools you know he will need. Have you listened to him gawking at all the tools he needs while reading a Canadian Tire flyer? He is trying to hint to you what he wants, hop to it and grab it for him! If you are unsure of what types of tools he would enjoy or use you can easily get hims a gift certificate to his favorite hardware store.

I hope my Fathers Day tools have helped you in finding the perfect gift for your DAD.

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